Monday, July 17, 2006

An Uncataloged Episode of The Brighter Day
Surviving episodes of The Brighter Day, one of the best old-time radio soap operas, are unfortunately rare. Reel 763 of the SPERDVAC General Library contains an episode which is not listed in the catalog entry for that reel (p. 109) and which I have not encountered elsewhere.
It is on Side 1 of the reel, following Just Plain Bill and preceding The Fred Waring Show, both of which are listed. The sound quality is excellent. The reel itself is available on C-60 cassette tapes which can be borrowed from the SPERDVAC library by members.
As for the story line, it is set in the spring and deals amusingly with fifteen-year-old Patsy's stirrings of adolescent sexuality. The brilliant Patsy is inclined to lead a life of the mind, but she has learned that Otis J. Hopkins is planning to ask her to the junior prom!


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